I mostly just wanted you to know that these exist. And see if anyone in Fug Nation accepts this dare. They’re part of a thousand-set limited edition, y’all, so don’t sleep on your chance to marry Bowie and SWINTON on your PELVIS. WHERE THEY BELONG. [Also, this is the second year this has happened to me: I found these randomly about two days before Internet stories about them started popping up, and last year, I ordered the Jon Hamm coloring book for Jessica two days before stories about IT popped up everywhere. WILL I EVER WIN? I am the Ziggy of surprise gifting.]

$30 on Etsy; expressions on people’s faces: priceless

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Thanks Jezebel!

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Bowie with Mohawk in 1997

Tilda Swinton in W Magazine Korea Shot by Nick Knight’s understudy, SØLVE SUNDSBØ editorial entitled ‘The Aura’ in which Swinton poises in an aural albumen of icy blue, clad in Gareth Pugh, Ann Demeulemeester and Haider Ackermann.

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